Monday, September 15, 2014

UK Muslim leaders demand that Cameron call the Islamic State the “Un-Islamic State”

File this under The Truth Hurts.

“Using the group’s preferred name could help it radicalise yet more Britons, the signatories wrote.” So apparently they would have us believe that David Cameron calling the Islamic State “the Islamic State” will make young Muslims in Britain think that it is an Islamic State, and that they must go wage jihad on its behalf. And that makes sense, since David Cameron is such a renowned imam, his word on Islam commands singular respect among Muslims.

But what are the Islamic Society of Britain, New Horizons in British Islam, the Association of British Muslims and the Association of Muslim Lawyers doing to teach young Muslims that the Islamic State’s understanding of Islam is wrong? Are they taking any steps at all in that direction, or are all their efforts aimed at keeping the kuffar ignorant and complacent?

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