Friday, September 5, 2014

Muslims Take Christian Man With Heart Disease, Order Him To Convert To Islam, He Says No, They Then Beat Him And Torture Him To Death

A Christian man with heart disease named Salem Matty Georgis in the Syriac Christian town of Bartella was ordered by ISIS to convert to Islam, and when he refused, they beat and tortured him to death. He was one of the Christians who could not leave his town when ISIS commanded that all Christians leave, on account of his heart disease. He remained in his home for three weeks, but when he ran out of food, he had to leave his abode to search for something to eat. That is when the ISIS Muslims took him, and they eventually killed him. One of his relatives said:
The patrol arrests him and tried to force him to convert to Islam, but he completely refused. Thus, the militants beat him and tortured him until he died in their hands
The jihadists then dumped his body, and the corpse of this martyr was later found by a local and buried.

Editor's note: Holy Martyr Salem Matty Georgis, pray for us. 

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