Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ISIS Just Recruited The Chinese, How They Did It Sent Chills Down My Spine

Chinese citizens have now joined the Islamic State. Radicals from XinJiang have joined the terror group to undergo training in Iraq, Syria, and other places within Asia. Global Times Newspaper, which is a communist-ran media venue, reported it earlier this week. Xinjiang is a region in China that is home to the ‘Uyghurs’. They are largely populated by muslims who’s freedoms have been restricted to an extreme degree in an adequate response to a string of deadly attacks.

By announcing that citizens of China have joined ISIS, the country is expressing fears that the violent Middle East threat are ever present and imminent.

China has not offered any assistance to America against ISIS and it’s reaction the chaos in Syria & Iraq was to only withdraw it’s citizens. Chinese replied with a statement that was quite obvious and routine. They said that they do not interfere with the affairs of other nations. China, after that, may now face pressure to get more involved in these efforts against ISIS.

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