Friday, September 5, 2014

Does the Islamic State Want to Assassinate the Pope? 5 Things Catholics Need to Know

Last week, the Vatican took pains to deny that Pope Francis is in the crosshairs of the Islamic State (IS). And yet, there is reason to believe that there is more to the threat than the Vatican wants to let on.

While on the surface, threats like this from the Islamic State against the pope may seem shocking or unealistic, they are entirely consistent with an authentic understanding of the antithetical relationship between Islam and Catholicism. Further, there are specific aspects of the papacy of Pope Francis that appear to be inviting this conflict.

Here are the five biggest reasons Catholics should be concerned:
  1. Pope Francis’s Statements Praising Islam Make him a Target
  2. The IS Has Already Succeeded in Eliminating Christianity from Iraq – and it Won’t Stop There
  3. There Has Been a Feckless Response to the Death of Iraqi Christianity, Encouraging More Violence
  4. To Conquer Rome is to Conquer Christianity
  5. The Time is Now
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