Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Priestly-Martyr Polychronius, Bishop of Babylon

Today we celebreation the Priestly-Martyr Polychronius, Bishop of Babylon

When Emperor Decius overran Babylon, he captured Polychronius with three presbyters, two deacons and two baptized princes, Eudin and Senis. Polychronius did not want to respond before the emperor and remained silent, while St.Parmenius, the presbyter, spoke on behalf of all. The emperor took the bishop and priests to Persia, to the city of Kordoba, and there they were beheaded. The princes, Eudin and Senis, were taken with them to Rome and there, at first, they were thrown to the wild beasts and later slain by the sword. They all suffered honorably in the year 251 A.D.

Will you be ready when persecution comes? Or will you hide your faith?

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